Amber rosary

Amber rosary “15 beads”
The history of the rosary In ancient India around 500 BC, a student of theological school had to pray 108 times. But he did not know how to count. The Chinese, the Buddhist, the Christian, the Muslim monk had to pray unceasingly, without bothering to count. The solution to the problem was given by a spiritual teacher, who passed 108 perforated seeds on a rope and tied its two ends. Thus, the rosary was born. You also make the rosary from a rope with knots, the rosary. The rosary was spread in Europe by the Crusaders, while in Greece it was spread by the Turks, who used it as an accessory during their ridicule, along with the sickles, the music and the perfumes.
Worry beads or kombolói, kompoloi is a string of beads manipulated with one or two hands and used to pass time in Greek and Cypriot culture. Unlike the similar prayer beads used in many religious traditions, worry beads have no religious or ceremonial purpose.

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Worry beads have several uses in Greek culture, including: 1) relaxation, enjoyment, and generally passing the time 2) as an amulet, to guard against bad luck 3) used by people who wish to limit smoking 4) as a mark of power and social prestige. This is especially true in the case of expensive worry beads made of silver or amber. Many prominent Greeks were users and collectors of worry beads, including former Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou and business magnate Aristotle Onassis.
Worry beads may be constructed from any type of bead, although amber, amber resin (such as faturan), and coral are preferred, as they are thought to be more pleasant to handle than non-organic materials such as metal or minerals.
Amber rosary “15 beads” it is an excellent and collectible piece.

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