Official Balaska, Officer uniform


Official Balaska, Officer uniform

In our Lotus Gallery Art & Antiques store you will find other pieces of Greek art. In our collection there are several sculptures, and many other pieces of Greek art.

If you are interested in other pieces of Greek art, you can contact us via e-mail, phone (+30 6982005898 / +30 2103634777), or come to our store located in the center of Athens, Kolonaki, Solonos 29 and Dimokritou, 10671, Greece.

The Antique store Lotus Gallery Art & Antiques has many kinds of items from different countries! We have been cooperating for the last 30 years with the most reliable collectors of works of art, banknotes, stamps, coins and many other items, as well as with scholars and merchants across Europe! In addition, we have taken part in various exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Official Balaska, Officer uniform it is an excellent and collectible piece.


Antiques Athens, Greece, Kolonaki “Lotus Gallery Art & Antiques” is an excellent space that includes works of art and antiques from various countries.

Our collection includes unique collectibles, classic, old and modern paintings from Greece, Turkey, Europe, Asia and generally from many countries! Our rich collection includes paintings by some of the best Greek painters, and exceptional sculptures by Greek and foreign artists of global scope!

Our gallery Lotus Gallery can make estimates and maintenance for your projects. If you are looking for some objects, paintings, Greek paintings by a specific artist, we can help you. We also buy and sell only authentic antiques from around the world.

In our antiques gallery Lotus Gallery Art are bought and sold Greek works of art, Ceramic, Folk, Greek, European, porcelain vases, Buddhas, Oriental, Islamic, as well as old jewelry or jewelry, amber, rosaries, corals, jewelry, and more! Also, our gallery specializes in medals, coins, banknotes, stamps, books, and everything else related to philately!

With great pleasure we are waiting for you in our antiques store Lotus Gallery Antiques in the center of Athens, Kolonaki, 29 Solonos, 10671, Greece.

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